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Bishops Waltham Tree Care

Professional Arboriculture & Grounds Maintenance

From dismantling Large trees to stump removal, shrub pruning and hedge trimming, we provide a wide range of
Arboricultural and grounds maintenance services.
Based in Bishops Waltham near Southampton, we cover the surrounding area.

Established for over 15 years, we have a team of highly trained and experienced personnel.
Our staff are National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) trained and qualified.

£5M public liability insurance is provided by FML Insurance Ltd.

Works are carried out in accordance with BS 3998 : 2010 (Recommendations for tree work)
and BS 5837 : 2012 (Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction).
Climbing operations are carried out in accordance with the Arboricultural Associations
'Guide to good climbing practices'.
We comply with current Health & Safety, Working at Height, LOLER, PUWER, RIDDOR & COSHH legislation.

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Hedge trimming
  3. Bandit tracked chipper
  1. Planked timber
  2. MEWP
  3. Felling Rhobinia
What We Do

Services we offer

Below is a list of some of our tree surgery services offered, however if there is a service you require that is not listed then please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Formative Pruning - The removal of complete leaders, crossing branches and/or  weak branches from young trees  with the aim of producing a                                                                 mature tree free from major physical weakness.    
Crown Reduction - Reducing overall crown area by a given amount to produce a smaller crown, but retaining natural species shape. As a general rule                                                     it is not desirable to crown reduce more than 30%.
Crown Lifting - The removal of lower branches to a desired height above ground level.
Crown Thinning - The removal of a percentage of total leafed area, generally carried out throughout the whole crown. 
Pollard - The removal of all limbs back to the main trunk or primary branch.
Crown Clean - The removal of dead, dying or diseased wood, stubs or broken branches unwanted Epicormic growth, climbing plants e.g. Ivy and any                                              rubbish in the tree.
Crown Re-Shaping - Recommended as a once only operation to make a tree safe or bring it to a desirable condition or shape, over the whole crown                                                        or part.
Dead Wooding - The removal of any dead, dieing or dangerous wood.
Coppice - The cutting back of selected species leaving a small stump, usually in cycles between 10 & 30 year. 
Felling - The felling of a tree in one where space and site situation permits.
Sectional Felling - The methodical removal of limbs, often using rigging systems to leave one stem or trunk that is taken down in sections.
Cable Bracing - The bracing of two or more generally upright stems to provide more stability where weak v-shaped forks are present.
Stump Grinding - The grinding down of a tree stump to produce a fine wood chip.
T.P.O. - We can arrange any necessary applications for work on trees with Tree Preservation Orders or trees in Conservation Areas. 
Tree Planting - We can supply and plant most trees and shrubs.
Fruit Tree Pruning - The Pruning and shaping of all types of fruit trees.
Bonsai - The Pruning, shaping or re-potting of bonsai trees.
Woodland Management - The management of Woodland or Copses'.
Hedge Trimming - The trimming of hedges or topiary.
Fencing - Errection of or repairing all types of fencing.
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